Guide to Backup Your Android Device Without Root

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Whenever you want to flash a custom ROM or root your device or unlock the bootloader of your device, it is always advisable to have a complete backup of your device. Taking a complete backup of photos, messages, contacts, and apps is a must before you prepare to modify your device in any way. There are many processes to take all the backup of your data but they are very time-consuming processes and irritating but no worries we have got some smart ways to take a backup of your data and sync it to your other devices. You can also smartly restore data with these simple steps. In this article, we will tell you how to take a complete backup of your Apps, Photos, Contacts, and Text Messages on your non-rooted Android device.

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Backing Up Your Contacts and Calendar events

Contacts are very important so we need to backup these first. So, let’s get started

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Method 1: Exporting Contacts to external storage (MicroSD card)

  • Open Contacts app > Click on Option (Three dots at right corner)
  • Now click on > Import/Export > Export to .vcf file
  • Select all the contacts > Click ok and Select the directory in which you want to store your contacts

Note : The contacts will be saved in .vcf file

Method 2: Syncing Contacts and Calendar events with Gmail

  • Go to Settings > Click on Accounts > Click on Google
  • After clicking on Google > Click on Calendar and Contacts button to sync

This method will sync your calendar events and contacts whenever you sign in with your Gmail account on another device automatically.

Backing Up Your Text Messages

Messages are used by everybody who uses this for some or other stuff. So can we take a backup of Messages? Yes! just follow me and you can backup your Messages with these simple steps. Let’s get started.

  • First download app called SMS Backup and Restore. The link is given below.
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SMS Backup & Restore
Price: Free
  • Once the app is installed, open it
  • Now click Set Backup > Next > Select Google Drive or DropBox > Next > Backup Now

Done now you can have the backup file in your selected drive or box.

Backing Up Your Photos and Videos

Ohh!!! the most precious memories photos. let’s get started.

  • Download the Google photos app (some o you might have it ).
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Google Photos
Price: Free
  • Open the app > Click on Options > Sign in >Click on Done
  • Now your photos are synced with your Gmail id. You can also sync these photos on other devices.
  • You can also save High-quality images with Google’s unlimited storage.

Backing Up Your Apps

Taking backup of apps is very simple. Just follow me

  • Download the App Backup and Restore app. Link below.
Backup & Restore
Price: Free
  • Open the app Click on > Backup
  • It will ask you for location for storing the backup select that and done

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