Download ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps for All Devices

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Asus ZenUI was previously very for bloated but it didn’t affect the performance of the device. This year at an event at Taiwan announced ZenUI 4.0 officially for all devices. We know that ZenUI is most popular and has many customizations options. If you like of Asus ZenUI then you will be getting it on your device just follow me. We have all the stock UI APKs. We have arranged them separately since you might like dialer from ZenUI 4.0 but not the Gallery so you install them one by one by your choice. In this article, you can download the ZenUI Stock Apps APK which can be installed on any Android device.

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What is Asus ZenUI 4.0?

This is the latest version of the Asus default/stock UI. ZenUI 4.0 is said to Faster, Lighter and clean it does not contain bloatware like the previous one. Asus ZenUI contains many features which you will like to use. It has a simple yet elegant UI. ZenUI 4.0 is also much stable.

ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps Package

The below ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps are available for download:

  • ZenUI Launcher
  • Asus ZenUI 4.0
  • Asus CallUI
  • Asus Themes
  • File Manager
  • Mobile Manager
  • Weather Time
  • Asus Calculator
  • Contacts
  • Sound Recorder
  • Desk Clock
  • Selfie Master
  • Asus Gallery
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Highlights of ZenUI Stock Apps

  • Lighter and cleaner smart UI design
  • Smart sorting of photos
  • New image every time you light up your screen
  • Live animated screen according to the day
  • Asus safeguard
  • Game booster
  • Two accounts on one mobile
  • Page maker

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ZenUI In Action

Below are a few screenshots of the ZenUI stock apps in action. Take a look:

Download ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps

You can download the ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps by clicking below:

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Steps to Install ASUS ZenUI Stock Apps

Step 1. Download the .apk file from download section

Step 2. Enable Unknown resources to install the downloaded file by

Go to Settings > Security > Enable the option Unknown resources

Step 3. Click on the downloaded file to install.

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