Apple WWDC 2019: Everything You Should Know


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a conference held annually by Apple Inc. in San Jose, California. Apple uses the event to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers. Attendees can participate in hands-on labs with Apple engineers and attend in-depth sessions covering a wide variety of topics.

This year’s WWDC started last night in San Jose and the main announcements at the event included some innovations and a lot of improvements in their software and hardware departments. These were mainly related to the next iteration of iOS, macOS, Mac Pro and a lot more.

So without further ado, let’s get started with all the new stuff.

1. iOS 13


World’s second largest mobile operating system is all set to get its 13th major update.

  • Among the many upgrades that are coming to iOS this year, the feature that I am most excited is the dark mode. Yes! you are reading it right. After years of waiting, requesting and begging Apple is finally building in the system-wide dark mode in their UI.
  • Apple Maps are all set to get a major overhaul which includes their own take on Google Street View and is scheduled to be launched during the end of the year.
  • Safari, Mail, and Notes are expected to receive major redesigns and features.
  • Apple is improving their pre-existing line of animoji and memoji with new features.
  • Siri is all set to get new features including the ability to read and reply to your messages while using AirPods and it may sound a way lot natural with a human-like voice (finally).
  • The Photos app on iPhones is set to receive some new features including an improved editing interface and new portrait lightning effects.
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2. iPad OS


iPads will finally run an entirely different platform rather than being handicapped by iOS. This signifies that Apple is finally realizing that the hardware on the iPad is a lot more capable than just being a bigger iPhone. According to Apple, the iPad OS is designed keeping the needs and capabilities of a bigger display device.

  • The all-new iPad OS adds support for USB devices and users can import photos directly from their cameras.
  • Instead of opening webpages in the mobile versions as it used to be, Apple developers are now developing Safari on iPad with capabilities to run the desktop version of webpages with better optimizations for touch support.
  • Apple has now opened the programming interface for Apple Pencil to third-party software developers.
  • iPad OS is all set to get a much better file manager.
  • Other key features include multitasking via split-views and even mouse support via accessibility settings.

3. MacOS Catalina


Apple’s desktop operating system is all set to receive its sixteenth major upgrade. Succeeding the existing MacOS Mojave, Catalina brings some key improvements.

  • MacOS is finally getting voice assistance support.
  • With Catalina, Macintosh computing devices can now take benefit of the iPad’s display as a secondary display. Apple is calling this feature as the Sidecar.
  • With Project Catalyst, developers can now easily port iPad apps to run on MacOS.
  • The ARKit is getting stronger with features like RealityKit and Reality Composer.
  • iTunes is getting replaced by a new application named Music which is said to have better iPhone integration.
  • Apple is said to be making the task of thieves harder with features like Find My.
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4. Mac Pro and Apple Pro Display XDR


Apple announced its new Mac Pro which will start shipping this fall. This iteration focuses on people who use MacOS for working with graphics, 3D CAD modeling, editing 4K or 8K video, audio among many. The new Mac Pro is the ultimate powerhouse on the Mac side of things with a custom video accelerator called AfterBurner. Apple claims it to be the “world’s most powerful graphics architecture” being powered by the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II which offers three times the graphical performance what the Playstation 4 Pro offers. The new Mac Pro is also said to be more modular than its predecessor.

Apple calls the Pro Display XDR to be the “the first 32-inch Retina 6K display ever”. The panel has a 6,016×3,384 resolution, is true 10-bit, uses a polarizer for better viewing angles, local dimming that supports 1,600 nits peak and 1,000 nits sustained and high contrast.

Coming to the price department, the Mac Pro starts at 5999 USD for the base variant while the price of the top spec variant is yet to be announced. A lot of rumors suggest that the Mac Pro will cost as high as 30,000 USD.

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The Pro Display XDR starts at 4999 USD and hilariously, the monitor doesn’t come with a stand and it sells as an extra for 999 USD.

5. Watch OS 6 and tvOS


  • Watch OS 6 brings in some exciting features to Apple Watches with a dedicated App Store and better app supports. Update package size for the Watch OS is even said to as low as 40% of the previous versions.
  • The new Watch OS even adds the ability to access calculator and voice memos from your wrists.
  • Watch OS 6 will also bring in new watch faces viz digital face, California Dial and a Solar face with a 24-hour sun path.

The tvOS is said to receive multi-user support and now supports both Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 controllers to be used while gaming.

Final Words

WWDC turned out to be an amazing day for Apple users and fanboys. What I am most excited to see is the brand new iPad OS which looks like having the potential to change the way we use tablets.

I hope this article works the way it is intended to beLet us know your thoughts on WWDC 2019 in the comments section. In case I missed mentioning something or if there is some topic which you want me to cover, let me know in the comments section down below.

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