Apple To Launch iPhones With Underdisplay Fingerprint Sensor In China


It has been two generations since Apple ditched the Touch ID to make room for the Face ID comprising of complex facial authentication technologies and with a couple of months remaining till Apple announces its next generation of iPhones, a report has emerged from out of nowhere stating that Apple will be announcing China exclusive iPhones which will feature the under the display fingerprint scanning technology.

This is seen by many as a desperation move by Apple since its sales have fallen by a great margin in mainland China. Hence, it could ditch the expensive Face ID mechanism with under display fingerprint scanners which have come a long way since their inception in early 2018 both in terms of reliability and price. It is even reported that the China-specific model will feature a much smaller notch, thinner bezels and a dual camera setup to the back. It is even expected to be priced around the same segment where the iPhone XR is priced. However, there are no official confirmations yet which is very well in line with Apple’s policies.

Looking at Apple’s history, this might be the first of its kind that Apple is launching products based on geography. Saying so, one can never expect what can happen in the world of tech and business.

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I will be damn excited if Apple will launch an iPhone exclusively for India. Will you be interested if Apple launches geo-specific models? Let me know in the comments.

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