Apple Reportedly Testing Ad Trackers For Safari Browser

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Users like you and I, always have these issues with the ads that pop-up whenever we are searching the internet. Moreover, there is a different category of ads available, that has made our web browsing a bit difficult. They have even penetrated to our social media apps and site. Moreover, in a recent report, WhatsApp is also on the verge to introduce ads on its status.

While we get different options and extensions for Goole Chrome to block ads, Apple is also testing a different kind of ad tracker to provide its users smooth and less cluttered browsing experience. However, this feature will only be available for users who are using iPhone, iPad or the Mac. This ad tracker is being tested on the Safari browser.

According to the WebKit blog post,

Today we are presenting a new technology to allow attribution of ad clicks on the web while preserving user privacy. We propose a modern way of doing ad click attribution, that does not allow for cross-site tracking of users but does provides a means of measuring the effectiveness of ads.

As per the reports, the new feature will be called “Privacy-Preserving Ad Click Attribution”. It will be embedded on the Saari browser and the users can use it on their Apple devices. This will prevent the browser vendors to not see the ads except for those which were clicked.

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This overall means that all your personal preferences information will be limited. Moreover, your information also will not be shared with other web sites via cross-site information sharing. Besides, the ads will be able to match the conversions with 24-48 hours of delay. What this feature will do is, your information available will be limited though, the company will get insight into whether the ads were effective or not.

It is not yet confirmed when this feature will be integrated with the Safari Browser. We will have to wait and watch the development of this feature.

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