Install ADB and Fastboot – Android SDK Platform Tools on Windows, MacOS or Linux


Android SDK Platform Tools are the key to getting your Android device work properly with your Windows PC or Mac or Linux Computer. In this guide, we will tell you how to properly install and setup ADB and Fastboot via Android SDK Platform Tools on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Flexibility is Android’s biggest strength. You can easily tweak anything you want in your user interface and can easily personalize it with the endless customization tools available out there. If you have ever tried rooting your device, flashing a custom ROM, sideloading an OTA update or unlocking the bootloader of your device, you must have come across terms like ADB and Fastboot. These two tools are surprisingly powerful, but to use these feature you need to have Android SDK on your computer. Android SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to develop something new for the platform and is released by Google every year with the release of a new version of its operating system. The entire Android SDK package measures over 1 GB in size which is a lot of download for any normal user.

But you don’t need to worry as with a new update Google released ADB and fastboot as a standalone download. With this, you don’t need to download the entire developer kit to use fastboot and ADB. The standalone zip files these tools are hardly 50 MB in size. This guide will help you to install these tools on your computer running any of these OS- Windows, MacOS or Linux.

What are ADB and Fastboot?

These are tools which help you to send terminal commands to your phone from an external source with the help of USB. Both of them serve different purposes and here is a quick overview.

  • ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a command-line tool that lets you communicate with your device. The ADB command facilitates a variety of device actions such as installing and debugging apps.
  • Fastboot is the tool required to modify phone’s firmware from a computer. It can be described as a protocol for communication between your phone hardware and a computer, software that runs on the phone when in fastboot mode and the executable file on the computer you use to make them talk to each other.
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Steps to Install ADB and Fastboot:

  • Download ADB and Fastboot zip files from the links given below for your respective operating system
  • Once the download is finished, extract it to a folder.
  • Edit your path folder by following the steps given below according to your respective operating system.
    • For Windows-
      1. Open Start Menu.
      2. Search for “Advanced System Settings.”
      3. Click on “View Advanced System Settings.”
      4. Click on “Environment Variables.”
      5. Under “System variables” column, click on the variable named “Path”.
      6. Click on “Edit.
      7. Follow the next step according to your OS version:
        1. In case of Windows 7 and 8, add the folder path of the folder where you extracted the downloaded ADB and Fastboot tools at the end of the “Variable value”.
        2. In case of Windows 10, Click “New” and paste the folder path where you extracted the Platform Tools. Hit Enter and click OK.
    • For MacOS/Linux-
      1. Navigate to Applications or Utilities.
      2. Open “Terminal Window.”
      3. Enter “source ~/ .bash profile; open ~/ .bash profile” command to your bash profile.
      4. Add “$HOME/[ADDRESS]/bin:$PATH” command by replacing [ADDRESS] with the address of the folder which contains ADB and Fastboot files which were extracted in the 2nd step.
      5. Save the file.
      6. Close the text editor.
      7. In the terminal window, enter “source ~/ .bash profile;
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Once you are done with these steps, you can run ADB and fastboot commands just by opening the Terminal Window (*in case of MacOS or Linux) or by opening the Command Prompt(*in case of Windows).

This is one of the easiest ways to install ADB and Fastboot on Windows, MacOS or Linux. If you have any queries, leave them down in the comments section. If you need any help regarding this topic, please feel free to use the comments section.

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