Download Android Pie For OnePlus One/2/X/3/3T/5/5T


With the launch of Pixel lineup phones, Google made a shift in strategy from launching midrange Nexus phones to premium smartphone segment. Nexus had always been a phone to opt for those who want a clean, bloatware free, minimal and stock Android-based up to date firmware at a price which was lower than what other OEMs charged with their flagship products. The Nexus brand had won quite a number of followers and was decently popular among the masses worldwide. As the price of the Nexus devices was not sky high and they were equipped with decently powerful hardware, many choose it over the pricer Samsung Galaxies, the Apple iPhones or the Sony Xperia.

In 2016, Google launched the Pixel and the Pixel XL which officially marked the end of the saga of the Nexus lineup. While 2016 witnessed the end of the Nexus brand, it even witnessed the growth of another brand which went on to fill up the void that was created due to the exit of the Nexus brand. This brand is none another than the “OnePlus.” OnePlus launched the OnePlus 3 in 2016 which was an instant hit around the globe and a lot of credits goes to the factors that made Nexus popular i.e. clean, bloatware free, minimal and close to stock Android-based firmware at a price which was lower than what other OEMs charged with their flagship products. Today OnePlus officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world as of July 2018. From a humble start in 2014 to be a billion dollar company in 2017, OnePlus has today been one of the most popular brands globally.

After the launch of Android 9.0 on 7th August, OnePlus announced that it would be pushing the 9.0 updates for all its devices that were launched after 2016. This includes OnePlus 3/3T, OnePlus 5/5T and OnePlus 6. Though this announcement made OnePlus receive a fair share of credits from the world of tech, many users with OnePlus devices which were launched prior to 2016 were disheartened and many started questioning the time frame at which it will update all of its devices.

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If you are someone who wants to run the unofficial AOSP build of Android Pie(9) on your OnePlus devices, here is the hub of AOSP ROMs for all OnePlus phones.

Official XDA threads for AOSP ROMs for OnePlus Devices

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Note: We will be updating this list with Android P ports for other OnePlus devices as soon as they are available.

All the Android 9 Pie port links mentioned above are based on Google’s AOSP except for OnePlus 1 which is POSP Custom ROM. POSP is more or less AOSP right now, with minor changes.

A Quick Guide For Flashing Android Pie ROM on OnePlus Devices

  • Download all the files for your phone by going through the links mentioned above. Note to download files for your model and not of any another phone.
  • Unlock the bootloader of your phone, if not unlocked.
  • Boot your phone to TWRP custom recovery. After booting to the TWRP menu, it is advised to take a complete backup of your phone.
  • Once the backup procedure is complete, wipe the cache, data, and system before flashing the Android Pie AOSP ROM.
  • Now, flash the Android P zip file by navigating to the location where you have stored the files which you downloaded in step 1.
  • Next, mount images and partitions on your device.
  • Next, flash the Google Apps file and boot your device normally.
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Congratulations! You successfully installed Android P AOSP ROM on your OnePlus Phone.

This is one of the easiest ways to get Android Pie on OnePlus Phone. I hope this article works the way it is intended to beLet us know about your experience trying out the methods mentioned in this article in the comments section down below. In case I missed mentioning anything or if there is some topic which you want me to cover, please let me know in the comments section down below.

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