Download Android Oreo Apps for All Android Devices

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

The Google Pixel, Pixel XL and a few other Nexus phone have already started receiving the Android 8.0 update. The rest of the devices from other manufacturers have to wait a few more weeks (or even months) before the update is released. The latest update brings a lot of new features to the already feature rich OS. Most notably Picture-in-picture mode, instant apps, and seamless updates are really good features. Even though the Android Oreo update is months away for most of us, it does not mean we should enjoy some Android Oreo goodness. Yes, today we are bringing you the Android Oreo Stock Apps available for download. The important thing to note here is that you don’t need root to install these apps on your device! Read ahead to know more and download the Android Oreo Stock Apps.

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Android Oreo Stock Apps

All the apps in this article are extracted directly from the Android Oreo official update System image for Google Pixel XL which was released by Google a few days ago. At the moment, the below apps are available for download:

  1. Android Oreo Calendar
  2. Android Oreo Contacts
  3. Android Oreo Clock
  4. Android Oreo Messaging App
  5. Android Oreo Wallpaper Picker
  6. Android Oreo Calculator
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Below are a few screenshots of the apps:

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Download Android Oreo Apps for All Android Devices

You can download the apps by clicking below:

Install Android Oreo Apps for All Android Devices

You do not need root to try these apps. All Android versions including and above Android 5.1.1 are supported!

Simply extract the zip file to get the corresponding app’s APK file. Tap on the file and install it as normal APK and the app will install just fine! 🙂 If you want and if you have root, you can also push these apps to your system partiton and set the right permissions!

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