Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool and Learn How to Use it

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Looking for Amlogic USB Burning Tool? In this article, you can download Amlogic USB Burning Tool and learn how to use to flash the latest firmware on your Android TV Box.

Android TV Boxes are gaining more and more popularity. While Smart TVs which come with Android TV preinstalled on them are also on the rise, it is no doubt that Android TV Boxes are still the choice for many of the consumers out there. The main reason is that they can simply interface the Android TV Box with their Existing TVs.

Read ahead to know more about and download Amlogic USB Burning Tool. A detailed step by step guide on how to Use Amlogic USB Burning Tool is also included.

Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Amlogic USB Burning Tool is a tool used to upgrade the firmware on Android TV Boxes that are based on Amlogic. With this USB Burning tool, you can update the Amlogic based Android TV boxes to the latest version of the firmware by flashing the firmware in .img format.

In this article, you would be able to:

  • Download Amlogic USB Burning Tool [Latest version]
  • Learn how to manually flash firmware using Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

While some of the Android TV firmware has multiple files, luckily, Amlogic based Android TV Box firmware has only files in .img format. Apart from upgrading, this new Amlogic USB Burning Tool would also help to fix ‘Get Key Failed’ errors.

How To Flash/Upgrade Firmware on Android TV Box Using Amlogic USB Burning Tool

Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Extract the downloaded .zip file.
  2. Installing Drivers: Once extracted, go to the folder WorldCup_Device where you will find a file called InstallDriver.exe. Execute the same. This step will install the necessary drivers.
  3. Installing the Amlogic USB Burning Tool: In the folder USB_Burning_Tool, you will find a file called USB_Burning_Tool.exe. Double click and install the same.
  4. Open the tool and Click the second icon on the top bar to reveal the option for changing the language.amlogic-usb-burning-tool-2
  5. Put your device into recovery mode and connect to your PC:

    1. Put your Android TV Box into recovery mode. This may differ from different models. Some models have little reset holes and some others have buttons on the bottom of the device.
    2. Connect the Android TV box to the PC when it is in recovery mode. If done correctly you will have a connect success like in the image below: amlogic-usb-burning-tool-3
  6. Import your firmware image to the tool. Locate your firmware .img file with the file tab on the top left-hand side. Use the ‘Import image’ option.amlogic-usb-burning-tool-4
  7. Untick the overwrite key: It is very important that you untick the overwrite key box on the right-hand side of the screen like in the image below:amlogic-usb-burning-tool-5
  8. Start the firmware update process by clicking on the Start Button in the top right-hand side corner.amlogic-usb-burning-tool-6
  9. Click stop when the Android TV box has finished updating the firmware.amlogic-usb-burning-tool-7

  10. Done!
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If your TV box has any issues you can always follow this guide to fix the TV box issues in an easy way. This is the easiest way to flash and upgrade the firmware using Amlogic USB Burning Tool.

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