5 Android Apps That Increase Your Privacy Online

Srivishnu Ramakrishnan

Over the last decade, there have been over a dozen high profile online data breaches.

Facebook, Yahoo, Equifax, Marriott, eBay, Adobe, Adult Friend Finder, Sony’s PlayStation Network, and JP Morgan Chase are some of the companies which suffered cyber attacks that compromised the private information of millions of users. In fact, some rather alarming statistics compiled by the comparison site Tiger Mobiles revealed that in the USA alone, in 2017, 791 million identities were stolen.

With online privacy being at constant threat nowadays, it is essential that we take adequate measures to safeguard our private and sensitive information made available online and to third-parties.

Almost all of us have an Android device, and we store sensitive information on them such as credit card details, photos, contact details, passwords, etc.

Therefore, protecting the privacy of data stored in your Android device is the best place to begin while trying to safeguard your online privacy.

To help you improve the privacy protection of your Android device, below are five applications to ensure that your data is not accessible to hackers.

5 Android Apps That Increase Your Online Privacy

Duck Duck Go

Even though search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are free to use, they track and store a lot of data about your online activity including your location, search interests, passwords, credit card details and more to offer you personalized use and ad experience.

For those who are looking for a private search engine, Duck Duck Go is the best option.

Duck Duck Go does not track or store any private user information and does not show any advertisements as well.

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You can use Duck Duck Go just like any other search engine, and there is also a Chrome extension available so that you can experience the anonymity offered by Duck Duck Go within the Chrome browser.

For Android devices, there is a Duck Duck Go web browser that you can download and install for free to enjoy private browsing.


Most of us provide phone numbers while creating an online account or subscribing to a service.

These phone numbers can be hacked or listed out pretty quickly, and that’s how you get those marketing calls from random companies whom you have never contacted before.

Hushed is an Android application that lets you create a virtual phone number without having to get a new SIM or contract.

The phone numbers you create using Hushed are temporary, and you can choose to renew the phone number if you wish to.

You can provide the phone numbers created using Hushed while verifying an account or subscribing to a service so that your real number remains hidden.

Hushed allows you to create private local phone numbers from more than 60 countries and you can make phone calls or send texts using these numbers.

The free version of Hushed Android app lets you create free US or Canada phone number and use it for three days. The free phone number can be used to make phone calls for 20 minutes and send up to 20 text messages.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a software that encrypts all the incoming and outgoing internet traffic on your Android device through an intermediary server.

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Even though there are lots of free VPN apps available for Android, a recent study by Metric Labs found that one in five free VPN apps for Android contains malware and bugs that can give away your private information easily.

If you are looking for a trusted VPN app for Android, then ExpressVPN is the best that you can get.

ExpressVPN features 145 server locations around the world and has client software for all the popular operating systems out there.

The subscription rates for ExpressVPN service is cheaper in comparison to the rest of the competition, and they also offer 30-days money back guarantee if you wish to opt out of the service.

Wickr Me

Everyone uses instant messaging applications these days as they allow you to send texts, files, voice, videos, and documents conveniently.

Even though most instant messaging applications offer high data security and features like end-to-end encryption, we have seen lots of data leak cases in recent years.

Wickr is a private instant messaging application that provides you with much more control over the data you share.

You can share all kinds of files including images, videos, voice notes, and texts using Wickr and can also set an expiration timer deciding how long you wish the recipient to access the content you share with them.

Wickr also offers trusted end-to-end encryption, which means that they do not store or monitor any data that you share using the app.

Moreover, there is no need to provide a phone number or email address while creating a Wickr account.

Crypt4All Lite (AES)

Crypt4All Lite (AES) is a free encryption application for Android that uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm to encrypt data.

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You can use Crypt4All Lite to encrypt all the files that are stored on your Android device and password protect them so that in case your device gets hacked, the data stored is unreadable to the hacker.

Crypt4All Lite is also a great tool if you wish to secure the data that you store online including cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

There is Java-based Crypt4All Lite client software available for Windows, Linux, and macOS so you can decrypt and access protected data across all your devices.


LastPass is a password manager app for Android and is among the most recommended privacy protection apps for the operating system.

You can store all the username and passwords of your online accounts within LastPass by creating a digital vault and access them across any devices you own.

LastPass can also be used to autofill password fields with stored passwords so that you do not have to remember the password of each account.

You can also generate long and unbreakable passwords using LastPass while creating an account online and store it in your digital vault for easier access.

All the passwords stored within LastPass are encrypted using a 256-bit AES algorithm and are automatically synced across all the devices on which you have installed LastPass.

Final Words

We hope that you found the above list on the top Android apps to increase online privacy informative.

In case you are using some other applications to safeguard your information online, please do mention them as comments below.

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